Welcome to Playground Pointers, Your Guide to Chicago Playgrounds. It's Where Chicago Families Go For Outdoor Play!

Created for families, like you, to find Chicagoland playgrounds that suite your needs.

Great for local families AND those visiting Chicago, Playground Pointers will guide you to the best Chicago playgrounds close to where you live or are staying. If you want to explore a new neighborhood, if you need to run an errand yet want to give your kids the chance to play outside, or want to meet another family for a playdate in a new area, Playground Pointers is where families go for outdoor play.

Playground Pointers is a tremendous resource that helps parents and caregivers find and evaluate the best Chicago playgrounds based on their specific needs.

You can search Playground Pointers' detailed database of more than 500 Chicagoland playgrounds (and growing) more than 3,000 photos (and growing) to find information, details and maps, helping you keep your children entertained, active and outdoors.

Playground Pointers features detailed information on each Chicago playground.

And includes multiple photos of the equipment, details about play options, and age appropriate offerings. Additional information on water play and sports amenities are also detailed in the app. You can search by zipcode and get directions to any playground from your current location. Playground Pointers is currently only available for Chicagoland playgrounds and plans to expand to other cities across the country.

"Your Perfect Playground Day" feature creates a day-long Chicago adventure!

"Your Perfect Playground Day" Feature combines family-friendly neighborhood offerings in addition to the playground you are exploring, and suggests special activities, ideas, places to visit and businesses to patronize based on your selected playground. This feature is a great way to extend your playtime and create a day’s adventure with your children!